from a work space

to an experience

In a world where the future of work is remote and the hospitality industry is rapidly turning toward vacation rentals and takeout, you need to separate yourself from the competition.

Offer your team members and guests a reason to stay a while with a living art feature in your office, hotel, or business property. Our team will partner with you, your collaborators, and contractors to design a one of a kind statement piece for your commercial space.

Marriott Hotels
Oxy Health
Scorpion Marketing
VCA Animal Hospital

We've got you covered from A to Z

We stay with you beyond design and installation.
You can rely on us to always exceed best practices with fish care, feeding, and aquarium maintenance. We secure your investment with a monitoring system that allows us to remotely manage your aquarium at all times.

Safe, Quiet, Odorless

Safety first - our aquariums are top quality and made from domestic cell cast acrylic. Superior to glass in every way, acrylic aquariums are designed to run for decades.

Acoustics matter and we take every step to make sure the aquarium runs as quiet as possible - even silent in some cases. Digital pumps allow us to run our equipment quietly with longevity.

You can expect the aquarium to run odorless as the water quality is maintained to highest standards and the display aquarium has lids.

Life Support System (LSS)

A robust and well kept life support system is the heart of the aquarium - that is why we spend ample time planning and implementing it perfectly.

Our filtration system is designed to keep the aquarium healthy and clean for as long as possible so you, your team and customers can enjoy it at all times.

We believe a very large fish population takes the aquarium to another level and boosts the wow factor - that is why we over-filter and over-size our equipment.

Guarantee & Warranty

We stand behind our work and guarantee the workmanship of the installation for the life of the aquarium. The acrylic aquarium itself has a lifetime warranty and is built with robustness and quality in mind.

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