Living Aquatic Art

for your home

When we say we create exhibit grade masterpieces for your home, we mean it.
If you can dream it, we can build it. We will work on an aquarium design that compliments the look, style, and feel of your home.

Taking your ideas and bringing in some of our own, we will create a one of a kind aquarium tailored to your preferences and priorities.

Personalized Experience

Every aquarium is designed to enrich your space and achieve your vision for the room. Your unique taste and requirements will be implemented in the design.
We will collaborate with you, your architect and designer to make sure the final product matches your expectations.

Ultimate Wow factor

A custom saltwater aquarium beautifies a space and brings any room to life. The presence of flowing water and colorful fish in your living space is unmatched.

Let's design your own breathtaking moment.


Many of our residential clients tell us that adding an aquarium to their home changed their lives. They spend less time looking at screens and more time with friends and family around the aquarium.

The fish personalities and behaviors are a great topic of conversation.


Aquariums are known to have a great positive impact on human wellness. They've been shown to reduce anxiety by calming brain waves and lowering blood pressure.

A glass of wine and some time in front of the aquarium is soothing and relaxing.

As seen in the Wall Street Journal

"Aquariums Bring the Serenity of Nature Into These Homes"

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Let's talk about your idea

You've envisioned a beautiful custom aquarium...share it with us.
We are here to guide you and answer your questions.
Transform your space into an experience today!