Aquarium Maintenance and Aquarium Service

Renovated AquariumWhen it comes to aquarium maintenance, our overall goal is to make sure clients enjoy the aquarium while we do all the work. Aquariums require maintenance on a regular basis to make sure the fish are healthy, the equipment is running properly, and the aquarium is clean. Whether we’ve just installed your new aquarium or you have an existing aquarium needing service, we will establish a regular maintenance schedule that is convenient for you. Frequency varies but in most cases bi-weekly or weekly maintenance is recommended. A typical aquarium maintenance service includes:

- Partial water change
- Water testing
- Algae cleanup
- Aquarium Panel cleanup
- Replacement of filter pads \ socks
- Replacement of filter media (Carbon, GFO, etc.)
- Skimmer and UV Maintenance
- Attend to any fish disease or issues
- Attend for any equipment problems.
- Fish food delivery (upon request)

All of our aquarium service technicians are trained and experienced. We believe in a professional and friendly etiquette and we will treat your home or business with the utmost respect while servicing your aquarium.

We service the whole Greater Los Angeles Area. Contact us anytime to discuss maintenance for your aquarium.

Service VanAquarium Renovation

Aquariums are our passion! We love restoring aquariums and bringing them back to life. We’ve had many instances over the years where clients contacted us about a neglected aquarium or one that was installed improperly. We will meet with you to discuss what needs to be done to get your aquarium back to optimal shape.

Aquarium Moving

We have moved many aquariums over the years and have perfected the process. If you need your aquarium moved contact us for a free in-person consultation.